The biggest question of our society is: What is Not Art?

Of course we have asked ourselves for a very long time: "What is Art" without finding any universally valid answer, and at some point we realized that if we don’t know what Art is then Art can be anything.

Lost in activities, performances, happenings, conceptualisme, invisuality, robotic artificiality… the public is facing the fact that everything around is eligible for the label of ART.

The aim of this platform is to invite people to debate, questioning the forms of art as they are presented and imagined in and by our contemporary society.

Is it still possible for us today to say peremptorily "This is not Art"?

Oh, it almost slipped my mind. Let me introduce myself:

Corina Chutaux Mila - Fully Committed Researcher in Literature and Art

I constantly search for Art and Literature experimentations, for new visions and new perspectives, preparing a PhD on the same topic (because in the research world "PhD ergo sum") and I am a professor of art, literature and politics.

I try to support originality in these fields and to help the world of ideas enrich itself by creating and promoting new means of expression.